Benefits of Monitored Alarm

With monitored systems given by D3D, your premise security would be:

24*7 Video Watching
99.9% connectivity with server for better performance
Nor avoid neither ignored any trigger on system

Your safety is our highest priority

For over many years D3D has been unique with keeping premises safe and introducing the latest in security systems.

Due to why thousands of customers across the UK and all over the Globe have chosen D3D alarm systems to protect their premises.

Why Choose D3D Monitoring Solution

D3D operates one of the leading monitoring provider around the world, we are proud to provide our customers with the very best level of security. We provide alarm monitoring for businesses of all sizes, from small through to multi-national corporations and the most secure government organisations throughout the globe. There are many different reasons our customers choose to be monitored by us;

– Trusted and dependable industry leader
– Compliance and adherence to global security standards
– Skilled team of monitoring experts
– Dedicated local customer care
– Reliable technology and response
– Competitive rates

Monitored alarms System

Monitored alarm systems assured you that coverage/watch for 24*7 of your premise.

We are providing systems which can help you to make yourself free from any theft from your premises for any precious thing.

93% of UK burglars said that an would put them off committing a burglary as per survey.

We¡¯ll get an alert on our server/center while your system get off. These UK-based centers are manned around the clock, which means your alarm is never ignored and respond quickly.

Once the alarm is confirmed (we filter out false alarms), we contact you and your nominated key holders. Depending on your monitoring package, we may call the police or fire service where necessary.

How It Works

Security system and all sensors are consistently monitored by D3D Control centre.
Any alerts from security system is received by D3D Control centre
Control centre executive analyse the alerts and takes quick actions
All nominated users are contacted to alert about the issue
Control centre execute constantly monitor the system & keep in touch with user until the issue is resolved