Dual-Beam Active Photoelectric Detector

Photoelectric Bean Detector

Dual-Beam Active Photoelectric Detector

Photoelectric Dual Beam Detector uses dual beam and through beam technology to reduce false detections when detecting obstructions. When the beams detect the presence of a moving object then the detection will cause the gate/door to stop and reverse to the fully open position. As long as the beam is obstructed the gate/door will remain open.

Integrated DSP chip, patented multi-dimensional fault-tolerant, true detection alarm technology.

Wired/BUS compatible, 8 sections digital frequency conversion;

Dynamic frequency analysis, intelligent alarm linkage;

Unique displacement receiving, strong power digital filter;

Intelligent power transmission, intelligent anti-fog;

Adopt coaxial aspherical dual-focus exact optical focusing lens;

Can adjust beams without opening outer case.