Security Alarm System


D3D, the world’s leader in Security systems and solutions, presents ‘D3D Security Alarm’. The best security solution to protect your family and business from thieves & burglars. PIR motion sensor technology to protect each and every corner of your home, so that no one can enter without your permission. Whenever there is any intrusion or unauthorised entry in the protected area, D3D security system calls & send SMS on your mobile/police. You can be assured that your home & family is protected all time.

How It Works

* 24×7 Day and Night high tech security system for your Home and Business.
* In case of any emergency, System will CALL and send SMS on your mobile phone.
* Wireless Infrared security cover.
* Android & ios mobile apps to control the system.
* Switch on/off the lights of your home using your mobile phone. With remote light control function, thieves & burglars will never come to know that you are away from home.